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                                Local Expertise/National Experience

At Mississippi Valley Title we are staffed with real estate attorneys and experienced personnel to assist our agents and our customers with the most complex Real Estate Transaction. The Old Republic Title nationwide network of title professionals is available to assist in the coordination of any multi-state transaction. 

With the financial strength of the Old Republic Title Group backing our team, you can be confident that your Real Estate Transactions are Secure. 

Contact our Underwriting/Legal Departments for assistance.

Gina K. Matthews - Vice President, State Counsel
  Vice President, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
  Phone:  (800) 843-1688
  Fax:      (205) 320-2285    
  Email:    gmatthews@mvt.com    
J. Price Evans, IV - Vice President, Commercial Underwriting Counsel
  Vice President, Old Republic National Title Insurance Company
  Phone:  (800) 843-1688    
  Fax:      (205) 320-2285    
  Email:    pevans@mvt.com    


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